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Living Longer Living Stronger Online

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Working out online has now become the mainstream, but it is a lot more complicated than switching on your camera.

In fact, if your clients do not have a positive initial experience, they are unlikely to continue with this mode of exercise.

And with many older adults experiencing anxiety about returning to the physical space of training, having an online option is perfect to keep both your business and your clients flourishing!

Living Longer Living Stronger Online gives you the ability to deliver this program as either an add on to your existing Living Longer Living Stronger program, or to deliver it independently.

We take you through:

  • The tech you need and how to support your participants in joining up (even when they have never done this before!)
  • All the best tips on how to deliver online (SPOILER ALERT: Presenting online is very different to delivering exercise face to face)
  • How to keep the values of Living Longer Living Stronger  – creating individual program and creating community connection, and finally
  • A step by step guide on launching your online program!

This course is one of a kind and whatever your start point, this will give you so much value in taking your programs online!

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Living Longer Living Stronger Online

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